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Snowville Creamery processes, packages, and distributes sustainably produced grass grazed milk and cream products from Southeastern Ohio. We carefully considered our packaging and chose paperboard cartons for many good reasons. All our milk and cream products are packaged in paperboard cartons because cartons protect milk’s goodness better than other packages by shielding it from damaging light.

Paper is a renewable resource. The paper in our cartons comes from responsibly managed forests where overall forest growth exceeds use. One typical half gallon paperboard carton requires 78% less plastic than a plastic milk jug and cap.

Cartons also let us show our brand logo with variations of our milkmaid pouring goodness for all to see. There is plenty of room on side panels to tell the story of our sustainable grass grazed farms, healthy cows, and minimally processed fresh milk with the cream on the top. Our whipping cream carton tells how to make butter. Our chocolate milk carton explains the unique aspects of Snowville Creamery chocolate milk.

Since cartons are recyclable for thousands of communities across the U.S., we know that our decision to base Snowville Creamery’s premium dairy business on paperboard cartons was correct. Thanks and kudos to all those who have made it possible to tell our customers that Snowville Creamery’s packaging is recyclable where facilities exist.


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