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At Smith Dairy and Dairy Enterprises Incorporated our vision is to be responsible stewards of our business and the environment as we continually improve quality, service and efficiency. For over 100 years, supplying milk to school children has been a fundamental part of our business. We use millions of paperboard cartons annually and cartons offer an affordable way to deliver excellent tasting and nutritious milk to students everywhere.

In addition, graphics can easily and cost-effectively be changed to keep the packaging exciting and relevant. Smith’s award-winning school milk carton design is very popular with students and rotating side panel messages keep students interested and up-to-date with the latest available messaging.

The fact that the carton is recyclable for thousands of communities is critical to many school sustainability programs. Each year we see an increased interest in schools requesting information on recycling programs. This is another reason we do our best to work closely with our schools and Evergreen Packaging to initiate and move forward with the best programs and messages available.


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