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At HomeMaker, we’ve made it our mission to provide premium quality 100% Florida Orange Juice at a price you’ll always be able to afford. High Quality. Low Cost.

At HomeMaker, we see cost in two dimensions: 1) Cost to the consumer, and 2) Cost to the environment…and our goal has always been to minimize both. Our decision to remain in cartons versus shifting into plastic “carafes,” takes both consumer and environment into consideration. From a cost to the consumer perspective, our cartons allow us to offer fresher juice with a long shelf life that tastes great. In terms of the environment, we’ve chosen to use packaging that is made from renewable materials rather than from finite fossil fuels. Lastly, the paper used to make HomeMaker cartons comes from trees grown in responsibly managed forests. For these reasons, we at HomeMaker proudly support carton usage.


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