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Based in Boulder, Colorado, Team GoodBelly, which offers a wide array of dairy-free probiotic drinks, adheres to a mission that fosters the continuous improvement of human nutrition while demonstrating the values of Right Livelihood for responsible and conscious capitalism. GoodBelly’s team is committed to developing a series of world-class, highly nutritious, functional, “next generation” foods while using sustainable, socially responsible practices whenever possible.

“We were very intentional about choosing paper cartons, as they are a renewable resource and can be recycled where facilities exist. Our fans tell us they are encouraged to see that we’ve chosen this packaging; they can just pop the paper carton right into their recycling bin once they’ve guzzled our product down. It makes for a good closing to a positive experience!”

-Alan Murray, CEO of NextFoods — Makers of GoodBelly Probiotic Drinks


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