The Choose Cartons community supports an eco-friendly way of life. We’re committed to promoting choices that will help protect the environment we live in today for future generations. We understand that the environmental impact of a package is important to the purchase decision. We choose fiber-based packaging because it’s recyclable where facilities exist, and 70% of the carton is paper, made from a renewable resource, trees, all from US forests where responsible forest practices are used. Cartons also help keep our favorite food and beverages fresh for our families. We choose cartons, and we invite you to choose cartons too! Check out the information below for the latest news, insights, imagery and videos that relate to the Choose Cartons lifestyle. Be sure to visit often for updates.

Choose Cartons is brought to you by Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions and the No. 1 manufacturer of gable-top cartons in North America. Visit and learn more about us at

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