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What is a FreshHouse?

A great home for fresh foods and beverages

You’ve probably heard us talk about FreshHouse™ cartons over the past few months. But what exactly is a FreshHouse?

Well, just like a house, FreshHouse cartons have four walls and a roof that help protect everything inside. A FreshHouse helps maintains a product’s freshness by protecting flavor, nutrients and vitamins.

But it goes beyond keeping your milk, milk alternatives and juices fresh for breakfast. FreshHouse cartons also promote a sustainable environment, too.

FreshHouse cartons are made of more than 70% paper – paper that comes from a renewable resource: trees. The trees used to produce FreshHouse cartons are from forests where responsible forestry practices are used and where overall growth exceeds harvest.

And to top it off, these cartons are recyclable for more than 58% of U.S. households.* So they can be turned into something that is new and fresh.

By choosing healthy foods and beverages in FreshHouse cartons, you can take a simple step toward a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

During the next two weeks, we’ll examine the importance of making “fresh” decisions on a daily basis to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of the aspects we’ll explore this month include:

  • How can you make sure you’re choosing fresh foods and beverages at the store?
  • What does “fresh” mean to you?
  • Ways to make your home fresh, eco-friendly and inviting.

Source: 2016 EcoFocus Trend Study
*Recyclable only where facilities exist. Visit to see if you can recycle in your area.


Choose Cartons

The Choose Cartons initiative by Evergreen Packaging is focused on raising awareness among consumers about the attributes and importance of sustainable packaging, so they can make informed decisions at the grocery store. From helping to preserve fresh flavor to being made with renewable materials, cartons are a smart, responsible choice for a number of reasons. Shoppers who care choose cartons.

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