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Nature Play – Create Your Own Magnificent Walking Sticks

We love heading outside and spending time outdoors—whether it is going to our small local park or some urban green space in the center of town, or heading a little farther afield to the woods. Oh, we do love the woods! The kids get to run, explore and discover. We also love to hunt for “nature finds” that we can craft with — pinecones, sticks or stones. And who doesn’t LOVE finding some wonderful walking stick sticks?! We certainly do. Sometimes we find beautiful sticks that have fallen from trees, use them for the day and leave them behind for the next walkers to enjoy. Other times, we love to take our finds home and turn them into beautiful walking sticks that we can use over and over again.

There is nothing more satisfying than MAKING something you need or want from recycled materials or nature finds instead of BUYING it. We have a strong ethos of creating our own things. When we find a way to reuse something, we make a small contribution to protecting our environment and conserving our resources.

It is easy to create your own walking sticks, and today we’ll share how we made ours!

Nature Walking Sticks materials:

  • A few long sticks
  • Paint – acrylic paint is good, as it stays on longer
  • String
  • Beads
  • Feathers
  • A few empty cartons – to mix your paints in and keep your beads and feathers sorted and handy

How to make your Nature Walking Sticks:

  • 1. Get the Sticks Ready

    Make sure your sticks are nice and dry. Break off any protruding branches. Our sticks happened to be quite smooth already, but it doesn’t matter if your sticks have lots of bark on them—it adds to the texture and final look. If you do want a smooth stick, ask an adult to help you remove any bark.

  • 2. Paint the Sticks

    We decided to mix some brightly colored paint that we have with some white acrylic paint. Mixing with the white acrylic will help the paint stay on the stick longer. (Note: you can use old milk or juice cartons to mix your paints in—an extra bit of upcycling and reusing of old materials!)

  • 3. Have fun

    Decorate as many sticks as you’d like, and let them dry fully!

  • 4. Add decorations

    Once they have fully dried, see what decorative items you can find. Beads and feathers are wonderful for decorating your sticks. You can have them all mixed in rainbow colors or sort them by color to match your stick designs. (Note: Again, old cartons come in super handy to help sort and store your crafty bits and pieces, especially if you are making these in the garden. You don’t want your feathers blowing away and your beads disappearing in the lawn.)

  • 5. String the Beads

    Tie your string around your feathers, then add a bead and secure the feathers inside the bead. Add more beads.

  • 6. Tie the Knot

    Once you have enough, tie your string to your stick with a simple knot. Make sure it is tied securely so it doesn’t slip off your stick.

  • 7. Bead the Other Side

    Add beads to the remaining bit of string and secure the last bead with a knot.

  • 8. Do it Again

    Repeat these steps for your other Nature Walking Sticks, and you are done!

Don’t they look simply fabulous?! Now you have made your sticks, be sure to take them with you whenever you head out for a walk or hike. You can always make additional ones and give them as a gift to friends and family!


Maggy Woodley

Maggy Woodley is a mom of two, blogger and crafter. She runs the craft website Red Ted Art, and is soon to publish her first craft book for kids. Passionate about crafts, she is keen on inspiring everyone to “have a go” and have some fun, quality time with children. Each week she shares one kid’s craft and one “how to” to inspire children and adults alike.

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