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Healthy Food Requires More Than Clean Ingredients and Clean Processing. Think About the Package.

If you’re like 65 percent of Americans, you try to stock your fridge and pantry with wholesome, healthy foods.

At the store, you try to select items with natural, nourishing ingredients and pass on preservative-filled, artificially flavored products.

Because you care about the well-being of your family and yourself.


But as you inspect nutrition facts labels, do you also consider the packaging that’s meant to protect those nutrients?

After all, shouldn’t the packaging for a beverage with healthy ingredients, for example, also use healthier materials?

Well, 71 percent of grocery shoppers think so.

The case for clean packaging

More than nine out of ten shoppers believe certain packaging materials can leave undesirable chemicals in foods and beverages – and even alter their taste. However, cartons and glass containers are the least likely to leave undesirable chemicals in beverages, according to the majority of Grocery Shoppers.

And cartons help keep healthy beverages fresh and nutritious, blocking light that can negatively impact the taste and nutrients.


So next time you’re hunting for healthy foods and drinks at your store, remember to choose the kind that comes in cartons.

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Choose Cartons

The Choose Cartons initiative by Evergreen Packaging is focused on raising awareness among consumers about the attributes and importance of sustainable packaging, so they can make informed decisions at the grocery store. From helping to preserve fresh flavor to being made with renewable materials, cartons are a smart, responsible choice for a number of reasons. Shoppers who care choose cartons.

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