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Creative Ways to Give This Holiday Season

One of the best ways to keep the holiday season — including its bills and ecological footprint — from getting out of hand is to be creative with the gifts you give and the packaging you use.


Providing experiences — dinners out, tickets to a play or movie, coupons for house cleaning or errand running — is a great way to give something meaningful with very little waste. Gift cards or certificates are also a great option. If the recipient chooses his or her gift, you aren’t buying someone something that may end up in a landfill. Sometimes, though, we really want to give a physical gift.

I love being creative in the ways I wrap and present my gifts! For presents from my kids, I encourage them to color or write messages on newspaper, using it as a recyclable alternative to wrapping paper. When they were younger, I occasionally used school art projects to wrap presents for their grandparents.


Like many people, I do a lot of grocery shopping during the holidays. I’m careful not just about the products I buy, but also about the packaging they’re in. And whenever possible, I try to purchase products in cartons. Not only are they recyclable,* but cartons can also be used for creative gift wrapping (after being cleaned out, of course). I’ve given gifts wrapped in everything from shoe boxes to paperboard cartons!


One of my favorite gifts to give someone who just moved to new home is a small herb garden, after planting the herbs in decorated milk cartons. It’s a perfect gift for anyone — from cooks, whether beginner or expert, to people who only have a window sill for their herbs, to those who have the room outside to replant. Let your kids decorate the cartons to add a personal touch. And even if left plain, the cartons still look adorable!

What ideas do you have for creative gift giving this holiday season?


*Recyclable only where facilities exist. Visit to see if you can recycle in your area.


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