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Snow Day Crafts: Things You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

Did someone say snow day? Keep the kids entertained (and your sanity) with these 9 crafts that will save the day. Each craft uses things that you already have in the house.

Growing up, snow days were always cherished at my house. They don’t happen often, but they are dreamed about daily! The magic of waking up to a world full of snow — with the bonus of no school — is the epitome of the perfect day.

Snow Day Crafts

As any parent knows, the shininess of even the best situation can rub off over time, and by midday, many kids are stir–crazy. Harness the crazy for good by suggesting a few crafts made with things you have on hand. First, send them on a craft–supply scavenger hunt for the needed supplies. Then have them choose which of these crafts they want to make.

Snow Day Crafts

DIY Minecraft Creeper

A toilet paper or paper towel roll and a small packaging box can be transformed in about three minutes into a Creeper. Then if you have paint on hand, take it to the next level!

Paper Plate Sculpture

This craft is art and science rolled up into leftover paper plates! You could make a small art project or a massive fort.

Recycled Robot

This is the ultimate make-it-from-what-you-got craft! Line up the items you found in your supply scavenger hunt and let the creative juices flow into your work.

Cardboard Rocket

If you have a toilet paper or paper towel roll but no paint, this project will work even better. Create a rocket out of them and raid the recycling bin for used cartons to use for the cardboard parts.

Birds with Movable Wings

These precious birds can flap…but probably not fly! You’ll need your imagination for that part.

Stacking City

No matter what you find in your recycling bin, you can modify those treasures into a stacking city. This craft uses toilet paper rolls, but I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be the perfect start to something similar.

Paper Plate Rose

This is probably my favorite craft of all time. It is much simpler than it looks and the results are gift-worthy.

Puss ‘N Boots

Make your new pet! This cardboard cat is sure to have everyone purring.


Start with a toilet paper roll or a used juice box and create these adorable octopi. My favorite part is the legs. Count carefully!


It can be a challenge if you do not have everything for the craft you want to create, but try to modify it with the “craft supplies” you do have on hand. And remember that each craft doubles as a toy…just in case a snow day turns into a snow week!


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