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How to Keep Forests Healthy

Caring for our environment can take many forms. From conserving water to watching our energy consumption by adjusting the thermostat, there are plenty of ways to show Mother Nature how much we care!

Today, I wanted to share a few ideas that you and your family can try. Let’s work together to take care of the environment!

If you don’t already have a compost bucket, start one. You can ask your local garden center about the best way to set one up for your area. Start showing kids what can and cannot go in the compost and how you can use the compost material for your gardens in the future.

Consider making your backyard friendlier to birds. A backyard feeder is a wonderful way for kids to learn more about the creatures around us. Reuse your milk or juice cartons to make bird feeders for our fine feathered friends!


Take a walk in the woods and pick up any trash or recyclables that you happen to come across during your hike. Explain to your children the concept of “leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but pictures,” teaching future generations to respect nature. Also, by separating out the recyclable materials that you find, you help reduce the amount of items we send to landfills and teach your children the benefits of recycling.

Speaking of the woods, did you know that the United States now has 20% MORE trees than it did on the very first Earth Day celebration over 40 years ago? One-third of the country is forested — a total of 751 million acres — and actually, two-thirds of the nation’s drinking water comes from those very forests. Just another reason to keep our forests clean and pristine!


Have fun caring for our environment with your family. Wishing you a wonderful season!


Amy Bellgardt

Amy Bellgardt is a wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, nerd and coffee drinker. In 2008, she created the blog MomSpark as a way to connect with fellow moms, exchange tips and share stories. She was looking for an outlet as a stay-at-home mom and quickly found the community she needed in the social media and blogging world. Mom Spark now consists of three writers and has a wide range of articles for moms that include recipes, travel, green living, social good initiatives, crafts/diy, blogging advice, fashion, parenting and decor.

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