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Celebrating 31 Days of Cartons

Choose Cartons is devoting the entire month of May to singing the praises of cartons! For 31 exciting days, Choose Cartons will be sharing all kinds of fascinating facts and interesting ideas about our favorite packaging.

Trying to eat healthier? Watching for clean labels? Trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? We’ve got some fun, fresh ideas to help and inspire you.

Choose Cartons will be sharing all kinds of fun and informative info on the FreshHouse™. What is the FreshHouse, you ask? Tune in for the next month and learn!

Carton Awareness Month is all about showcasing the ways cartons—and the FreshHouse—can help you find fun ways to move toward your goals.

It’s all part of a larger celebration and a bigger move toward healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. So join in the fun!


Choose Cartons

The Choose Cartons initiative by Evergreen Packaging is focused on raising awareness among consumers about the attributes and importance of sustainable packaging, so they can make informed decisions at the grocery store. From helping to preserve fresh flavor to being made with renewable materials, cartons are a smart, responsible choice for a number of reasons. Shoppers who care choose cartons.

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