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5 Awesome Recycling Containers for the Home

Choose Cartons has devoted the entire month of May to singing the praises of the carton with Carton Awareness Month! They’re sharing all kinds of fascinating facts and interesting ideas about cartons — one of my favorite packaging forms.

You want to know why? Well, over 70% of any carton is made with a renewable material — paper from trees where responsible forestry practices are used. Also, cartons are recyclable for over 68 million U.S. households — and that number is growing! (Find out if cartons are recyclable in your area.)

Because cartons are an integral part of so many homes and communities, Choose Cartons takes their commitment to sustainability seriously, from the forest through their entire manufacturing chain — and even after the cartons have been used.

So, in honor of Carton Awareness Month, I’ve put together five of my favorite recycling bins for the home. Neat bins make recycling fun for the whole family and help remind us all to get into this eco-friendly habit!

  • Organize It All Stainless Steel Step-On 12-Gallon Recycle Bin

    I love this sleek stainless steel recycle bin that organizes three separate materials.

  • Recycle Bin Kit

    These brightly colored bins are stackable — perfect for small spaces. Kids will especially love them!

  • Recycle Bag Separate Recycle Bin Waterproof Waste Baskets Compartment Container

    Multi-colored canvas bins with graphics make these containers great for kids to identify which materials go into each bin.

  • Hidden Recycler Over-The-Door Under Cabinet Recycle Waste Bin Bag

    This waste bin bag hangs discreetly behind a cabinet door — which is a great space saver. The attached handle also makes it easy to carry it to the bigger bins outside.

  • Blue Stackable Recycling Bin Container with Handle

    These stackable recycling bins are perfect for collecting recyclables in a kitchen and fit nicely under most sinks, in utility rooms, garages or by desks.

Are you recycling your cartons? Read the tale of the paper carton and how the ending is also the beginning.

Learn more about carton recycling by visiting

Let’s get recycling!


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